Poker hand analyzer-customplayingcardss

Poker scanners are classified into single -player poker scanners and poker camera scanners, as well as chips analyz scanners.

Two people are required to operate the poker camera scanners.

The lens and transmitter are placed in the poker room. After scanning the cards the scanner transmits the data to an analyzer. It is a well-known poker hand analyzer.

One-player poker scanners are currently the preferred. It is possible to use the scanner on its own without the host lens and wireless invisible headphones. Single-player poker scanners can be used as an mobile phone. Lens is installed on a mobile phone lighter, car keys, buttons, belts and wallets, tables for poker. Scan the shot into the poker code, and forward the poker number to the host, the host instantly analyzes the outcomes of the game poker. The host then transmits the voice to the wireless invisible headset that’s worn over the ears. This process does not exceed one second.

The chip analyz scanners are a product currently being researched. IC chips are used in all poker games. If the player is sending an IC chip, it will analyze this poker.

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